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Stress and Entrepreneurs!

That is a word we all would be familiar and would have dealt at some or the other point of our lives. It's really common problem while you growing up - Stress can be anything - Starting from bad grades in school, relocating... Continue Reading →

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Experiencing the Pet Parenthood first time

I was a late riser and now my day starts at 7 am with my dog licking my face until I get up and take him to the balcony for his daily routines. Doesn’t ends there because the moment I... Continue Reading →

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Delightfully secluded but happily yours- the goat village kanatal.

Let me take you to a beautiful place you never thought you will find in this era. A place which even in this hustle bustle has managed to maintain its beauty poise and values. I am talking about the Goat... Continue Reading →

Jaipur- my journey within the magnificent pink city.

The first planned city of India and the biggest city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is popular as the pink city. Being in Delhi-Jaipur is my best weekend getaway. I love the place for its food, culture, magnificence, and vibrancy. Call it the heritage attached with city or... Continue Reading →

Stress and Entrepreneurs!

Source: Stress and Entrepreneurs!

How do I stop my dog from chewing my furniture?

How do I stop my dog from chewing my furniture? by Shipra DubeyAnswer by Shipra Dubey:Torn corner of the blanket, scratch on the mattress, little chewed corner of the dining table cover falling beautifully down and what comes next is... Continue Reading →

What are some signs of sadness in a puppy?

Question on @Quora: What are some signs of sadness in a puppy?What are some signs of sadness in a puppy?

My Dog Just got the worst Hair Cut ever!!

We’ve all had that devastating experience at least once in our lives when we go into the salon with high hopes for a new haircut and come out with the exact opposite. In fact, with me, the incident has happened... Continue Reading →

The Trek to the Serpent’s Peak – Nag tibba Range

Climb Mountains, not because the world can see you but so you can see the world- Take Risks - Lost in Nature and its beauty, you Will Find Yourself.

Discovering tranquility and quiescence in the valley -Jammu – Katra – Patnitop

This was our holy cum adventure trip when five of us decided to end the year (2015) on a good note with a trip. We witnessed a lot of colours, snow, spirituality and serenity during this trip. It was very... Continue Reading →

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