I was a late riser and now my day starts at 7 am with my dog licking my face until I get up and take him to the balcony for his daily routines. Doesn’t ends there because the moment I think I shall take another small nap he comes wagging his tail and his toy ball because now he wants to play “ Fetch “ with me. And trust me with those googling eyes and continuously wagging tail you just can’t sleep.  I then give him food clean his water bowl, play with him, dry bath him, and brush him. After the complete satisfaction that I can’t sleep now- my fur ball decides to sleep again so that I could do my daily chores.
I was never a dog lover and I blame the family for this who weren’t keen on pets either. It was always hard for me to relate to those friends who could go on and on about how cute some dog they saw was. The time passed and I moved in with a friend who had three dogs in the house and became friends with people who were dog lovers. I am telling you it didn’t changed me in a blink of an eye but took good 3 years to nurture that feeling into me.
It would have been really nice to have a pet at home was my thought immediately after I got married and moved into the new house. The thought was good until it reached the family’s ears who were not so keen about the dog being at home. Adamant, though I was and lucky, as the time was for me one of my friend’s dog was about to have babies and I was determined to get one home.
Initially my husband and I decided to keep it a secret from the family, since we stayed separately it was easy as well. So finally 28th September 2016 (37 days after the puppies were born) I got the walking cloud in the house, only after the puppies had their first puppy DP vaccination. This was a male Lhasa Apso and we named him Mirza.
Now started the drill of making the house dog proof that included things like:-
  • No shoes on the floor- the puppy could catch infections
  • The floor should be clean all the time since the puppy can lick anything and everything
  • Having  a sanitizer ready- the puppy can catch germs from you as well so you need to sanitize your hands when you touching him
  • Getting a food and water bowl
  • Few regular medicines stocked
  • Dog bed ready
  • Wet wipes handy since you can’t give him bath till the injections are done so you should wipe him off frequently
  • Electric Switches were covered
  • Electric wires went up
Phew!! And people though getting a dog home was only about cuteness and the play part- No! It include a lot of responsibilities as well.
It’s been 37 days since I got him home and Mirza is now officially a part of my family. My husband and I treat him as a kid in the house, love him to the core, and now even our parents do a video call regularly to see what Is Mirza doing ( yes we finally told them ). Monthly online grocery orderings have added a monthly ordering from whatspup for the toys-food and while I am writing this my sister is surfing the Whatspup website for cool sweatshirts and winter bed for Mirza (winter is coming!!)
For me this is a lot of extra work, extra care, extra being at home – but all this somehow give me an extra joy and a lot of extra happiness.