Are you a “Trek” Person? Well, I am not and still, I would suggest each one of you reading this blog – Go and visit Nag Tibba Once. This is the highest peak in the Lower Himalaya Region and a little offbeat. Why a little because you will see 1-2 group when you reach the top- Camping or on the way back.

As I am not a regular trekker, the highest peak I have trekked before is Auli which is 3050 mt apart from Triund which is at a height of 2828 m and trust me this one is way better in every parameter. So Nagtibba has no Maggi Point – No water outlet- No People Around its pure Trek along the beautiful Garhwal Region.

How to Start?

If you can drive- well and good else I would advise taking a bus – as the trek starts from a village and there is nowhere you can safely park your car. Though the Village people said you can leave it anywhere – I would still not want that. I took a Bus from Delhi to Dehradun UPSRTC (11:45 pm) Very punctual. The bus stops in between at a good place after 2 hours so the journey is comfortable.

After reaching Dehradun

We got down at 5:30 am (the time was 5:40 am – Told you they are very punctual) SO from here you have got 2 options in fact 3:-

  • You can take the Public Transport ( Mahindra Max) ( 150/ person ) Till Pantvari Village
  • You can book a cab from Dehradun (4-6000 for the entire trip depending on your bargaining skills – I paid 3500 J )
  • If you have time you can check out Dehradun and Mussoorie and head for the trek the next day.

Where the trek does start?

I know it’s a lot of change of vehicles and lot of time but trust me it’s all worth it. So basically from Dehradun you have to go to Lasser Village (Via Pantwari Village) why via- you should know the names because it’s so much unknown even the locals do not know Lasser Village. So if you taking the public transport the person might ask 500-700/ Person till Lasser and they have specific timings as well- So for us 3 people it was anyways coming out to be 1800 plus a good amount of trouble and walk.

Thus taking a cab is easier and better- and the cab will pick you up and drop you back to Dehradun so you save time there.

SO you have reached Dehradun- Taken A cab – When you Put Nagtibba on Google it will show you a State Highway route- Do not take that. Go to Nagtibba Via Kempty Fall (Reason – Roads are better and So is the view)

You will take 3-4 Hours to reach the last point in Lasser Village Where the vehicle can go- After that ?? You will have to start Walking J

Camps or Hotel??

You have three options again

  • You are a born traveler and you take your sleeping bags – and camp and start your trek. Do not even try until you are a Pro.
  • You Can take ponies, porters and camps from Pantvari Village ( on your way ) and they will take care of the trek – take your bags – will escort you till the top – Help you with the food ( But the third point my friend is the best option)
  • You Stay at Goat Village Resort for an entire day – and trek the next day. ( I did the same and I can give you 100 reasons to follow this )

A Bit about this Awesome Hidden Gem – The Goat Village Resort.

It’s actually wrong calling it a resort – It’s a village which takes you back to basics and makes you fall in Love with the phase. Surrounded by Mountains the Goat Village was the best part about my trip to Nagtibba. Clear Sky above you hot air touching your feet – The clouds keep coming and touching your face and vanishing the next minute- But what you notice first here is THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY!! Which didn’t bother us after a while – Once we realized the Beauty around is much much more important.

Goat Village is a 2 Km Trek from Lasser village (the last point till where you can take the cab) and after staying there for a day next day you can start your trek to Nagtibba which is a 4 km Trek. And the Jhandi which is again a 2 km Hike from Nagtibba (But that takes time as it’s very steep)

The Goat Village Resort has 10 cottages and Like I Said no electricity and a little or no network connection. So It might starts as a disappointment for you but look around – Sit with the Villagers for a cup of Tea and listen to their stories- Get the taste of the homegrown vegetables – The beauty around- The wildness- The greenery- The Simple Lifestyle – Will Turn this trip into the most memorable one. Your phone and network and Whatsapp and electricity will not matter then.

You do not stay at this place you live here – and every moment is worth cherishing.

The Trek

We planned to start at 7 in the morning for the trek – but got a little late as the starry night was equally mesmerizing as the daylight. So we started at 8 am through the forests walking alone – with a volunteer from the Goat Village.  It’s very difficult to put the experience in words but at times we would just keep walking in silence and suddenly would just stop and look around in awe the breathtaking view at very point made the walk worthwhile. There are just two points where you see free flowing water so when you find it refill your water bottles. Carry – Chocolates with you because you will not find anything on the way.

If you are camping it’s another beautiful experience while we reached by 11 am and came back by 1. Also because it was snowfall we could not go to Jhandi and had to come back from Nagtibba.

There is a famous Nag Devta Temple which is believed to be the abode of ‘Nag Devta’ or snake god hence the name.The trip was awesome and so was every bit of the experience. You would only know it when you visit it. The pictures might help to imagine the place.

I might have missed out few things and if you have questions with regard to the trip you can write them in the Comment box below.

The Way to the Goat Village
Tasty and fresh food cooked with love
The Cottages


Tasty and fresh food cooked with love served by the Mountains


Do not miss the Sunset


Thats where we stayed