We’ve all had that devastating experience at least once in our lives when we go into the salon with high hopes for a new haircut and come out with the exact opposite. In fact, with me, the incident has happened a number of times. Maybe the up-and-coming stylist you decided to try out thought a bob would really accentuate your features and now you look 5 years old and 20 Kgs heavier. Or maybe those subtle blonde highlights you were going for came out like Kelly Clarkson’s early 2000s streaks!!!! Tell me if you haven’t seen and exclaimed what and why did she do this to herself 😉
The only best part of the story is at least hair grows back right? But bad haircuts aren’t just a human experience, animals have had their share of unfortunate “trims” as well. If you are a pet parent – you would already have been through this or maybe you will experience it in future.
Whenever there’s a problem at the groomer’s, don’t pay without speaking with the manager. That’s the person who wants you to be happy and return to the salon. Be specific without being critical — I totally understand you are furious but do not say “You ruined my dog!” but “I wanted my fur baby’s muzzle an inch long and his ears rounded. That’s the way he’s always been groomed here.” Then let the manager suggest a solution, and keep negotiating. If you’re told they’ll groom your dog for free next time, you can say, “Thanks, but I need him looking his best by this weekend. Can someone else even his coat out now?”
In your case, though you’ve already left the scene of the crime, you still have recourse. Call the manager and say, “I didn’t realize it at pickup, but my dog’s haircut isn’t what I wanted, and I’m awfully disappointed.” Don’t hang up until you come to an agreement. If you don’t feel satisfied with the salon’s best offer, it’s probably time to switch groomers. And wherever you wind up, take an extra minute to speak directly to the stylist. Answers to questions like – what shape you want the ears and tail -how long you want the coat, — will help prevent bad hair days.

The fashion of a pet salon Grooming or just Pet Grooming also is still not very popular in India. People want to have pets but few take the pain of keeping it well groomed- also trust me there are people who in fact are very particular about it as well but the percentage my friend is very low.
I had a friend who use to shave off his Golden retriever every summer, and gosh they looked like embarrassed teddy bears until their coats grew back. The reason we would get for this were also very weird, “His hair is all over the place!! He looks better this way! It’s hot and he needs it or the AC bills are increasing every month. “Did he loved his dog – no doubt about it but the better thing to do was a Proper Summer Clipping or a Summer Haircut as we call it.
To avoid the issue of leaving your pooches to a groomer and coming back to a funny or a horrible looking hairstyle, we thought it would be better if you could have the grooming done in front of your eyes at the comfort of your home. Thus Whatspup got professional groomers on board who could groom your pooches – at your specified day-time –style. Book appointment on the website or call us – 011 47501136.
Also tell us, have you ever given your dog a cut you immediately regretted? Did your dog seem to care? And more importantly, how long did it take to grow back?