How do I stop my dog from chewing my furniture? by Shipra Dubey

Answer by Shipra Dubey:

Torn corner of the blanket, scratch on the mattress, little chewed corner of the dining table cover falling beautifully down and what comes next is heart breaking your new shoes have been chewed badly!!!!! That’s is a SOS situation guys raise the alarm as soon as possible.

Here goes few points that can help:-

  • Exercise – I am sure maximum dogs do this because they don’t get that amount of exercise that should be given keeping in mind their size. Please keep in mind getting a dog home was your plan so taking him out is also your responsibility, don’t run away from that. Taking your poochmate out for 5 min so that he doesn’t poops in the house is not called exercise. Remember a tired dog is always obedient and a good dog.
  • Use Chew Spray for dogs – There are these sprays in the market only designed so that your dog stops chewing. They taste and smell so bad that your dog will not be able to tolerate it and will eventually stop chewing. You can buy it from…
  • Give them time play with them- Only exercise and food is just not enough for your fur ball and they need some quality time with you too. That prevents them from being aggressive and hence from chewing stuff in anger.
  • Toys – Squeaky toys, chewy toys, rope toys, nylon toys, figure out which one your dog likes and get multiple toys for him to play with when you are away. This will also prevent him from chewing mattress. Just make sure you get them used to it. Whenever you catch them chewing anything pat them on the nose (slightly) and give them the toy. Gradually then will get habitual. You can check out the huge variety of toys from this link…
  • He could be suffering from separation anxiety- If your dog chew the mattress/ shoes/ carpet only when you are away he might be suffering from separation anxiety. You need to deal with this patiently. Don’t make a big deal about going out, and when you come home, don’t fuss over the dog. That will only increase his anxiety level and make him more likely to keep on chewing the mattress. I figured out a way with time- could be of help for you too. Wear your shoes in-front of your dog, pick up the car keys so he knows you going, Say bye and close the door go out. But come back in 3-4 minutes. Gradually increase the time and he will get used to it.

Remember with the dog you get home responsibilities and you need to shoulder them and have to be patient in dealing with the issues you furry friend has. Hope the little guidance helps.Refer to my blog My pet dog always ends up tearing the mattress. What should I do to stop this habit?

Happy Petting !

How do I stop my dog from chewing my furniture?