That is a word we all would be familiar and would have dealt at some or the other point of our lives. It’s really common problem while you growing up – Stress can be anything – Starting from bad grades in school, relocating to a new place, first day of a job, when you trying to make that impression, finances, love, family, your weight, basically anything that you really want to do and which isn’t happening can give you that phase of Stress.

Having said that we can’t cover all the phases of life we get stressed so this blog is about the entrepreneurs and what’s that, that can send them to Hibernation, make them wear their sweatpants and want to sulk, eat chocolates and pizzas and think and rethink about how it could have been better.

So you have an idea that you think can make history and you have finally taken the decision of walking down the isle with that very idea leaving everything for that. You sit down on the blueprint- hundreds of presentations are made and rejected every day by you yourself because you have to be your best supporter and your critic at the same time. Best cases you get funds/ team to support the vision you want to build- can anything really go wrong? Yes, it can – not disheartening the budding visionaries but every day of your life becomes a new challenge.

You can get investors who act too bossy and would want to own your business, you can be wrong in selecting the best people for your out of the world idea execution, may be your numbers aren’t adding up like you thought and planned they would, your idea needs few tweaks and you don’t want to loose the real plan you started with. Some of the common issues any startup person would definitely be facing on a day to day basis. But the list does not end here,  I am not sure about abroad but in India we have different levels of stress apart from this operational issues, if you are young your parents would take your decision as a mistake because you can’t be Mark Zuckerberg in a day and they don’t have the patience to trust you and wait, if your a female- all the more bad because you can do everything after marriage also!!!  If you are a married female- worsens the situation because you can ( not exactly you can- you have to) always use the flexibility of time to manage practically everything on Earth.

Having said all that how do you deal with it?? Do you sit and sulk and blame the series of incidents that led you through all this?? Absolutely not. Take a moment – Sit back – think and rethink about the situation and once again gather the strength to deal with that Stressful situation that is trying to hold you back- just unplug yourself for some time if need be. Mahatma Gandhi once said Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. So keep that will strong enough and no stress can break you whatsoever.