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My pet dog always ends up tearing the mattress. What should I do to stop this habit?

  Torn corner of the blanket, scratch on the mattress, little chewed corner of the dining table cover falling beautifully down and what comes next is heart breaking your new shoes have been chewed badly!!!!! That’s is a SOS situation... Continue Reading →


Are you Socializing Your Dog??

I am sure like everybody you also want a dog, who is more of a companion, trustworthy, friendly, gels well with other people and of course other dogs, isn't it? And the solution to this is just finding the right... Continue Reading →

Experiencing the Pet Parenthood first time

I was a late riser and now my day starts at 7 am with my dog licking my face until I get up and take him to the balcony for his daily routines. Doesn’t ends there because the moment I... Continue Reading →

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